Neshiko Swimming Beach


MOST POPULAR Neshiko Swimming Beach


This slice of paradise features emerald green mountains, white sand and crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. A mere 40-minute drive from Hirado city center, Neshiko beach has been named among the top 88 enjoyable swimming spots in Japan.

Stretching 1 kilometer along the Sea of Japan, a wide bay and man-made breakwall ensure calm waters perfect for seaside fun. Beachgoers can enjoy snorkeling, swimming and beach sports or just sit back and work on their tan.

Pack a picnic and some cold drinks! The beach’s isolated location ensures a beautiful seaside escape, but unfortunately there are no shops nearby. Bring your own barbeque to sizzle some steaks whilst watching the dramatic sunset.

Nearby, the Hirado Kirishitan Museum (切支丹資料館) displays documents and artifacts from the hidden Christian period in Japan.

Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District
Fees Parking ¥500/ day
Showers ¥100

Prices as of Summer 2016.
Access information 50min from Nishikyushu Saza motorway (西九州自動車道佐々IC) by car.
40min drive from Hirado bridge (平戸大橋).
Open hours Neshiko beach is open to to public from 9am-5pm between July 9 and August 31 in 2016.