Maehama Swimming Beach


MOST POPULAR Maehama Swimming Beach


Located at the south eastern tip of Minami Shimabara peninsula, Maehama beach is the perfect spot for some seaside fun. As Mt. Iwato watches over the beach, the surrounding greenery, calm waters and golden sand attract locals and tourists alike. The smooth, wide sandy beach makes for a great spot for gathering shellfish or enjoying a dip in the south-facing ocean.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in marine sports at, located on the beachfront. Give Polynesian stand-up paddleboarding a go or try motorised paragliding, drag-net fishing or snorkelling. Booking three days in advance is recommended to secure your place.

Shimabara Peninsula (Unzen City & Shimabara City & Obama Town & Minami-Shimabara City)
Fees Entry to the beach and parking lot is free, however seats in the beach house incur the following charges:
¥500 for adults
¥300 for children (middle-school and below)
¥300 for access to public toilet and heated shower facilities (cold showers available at no charge)

Prices as of Summer 2016.
Access information 50min drive from Shimabara city, off route 251.
Open hours Maehama beach is open to the public from 8:30am until 5pm from mid July through to August 31 in 2016.