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Famous for a coal mine established in 1869, Takashima Island is now a popular hangout for tourists and locals due to its sunny beach and lively campsite. Located on the outskirts of Nagasaki city, it can only be accessed by boat.

Surrounding greenery and tall palm trees create a fitting background for a tropical island weekend escape. A man-made break water creates a wide lagoon that allows beachgoers to snorkel among schools of colourful fish as they dart between coral colonies. For those who want to further explore the abundant coral, guided snorkelling experiences are available on the island and include equipment hire along with an experienced guide.

Named within the Ministry of Environment’s top 88 national beaches, Takashima is perfect for a leisurely summer escape. Further out sits a diving platform and two floating pontoons where both children and adults take turns to leap into the sparkling blue waves. On shore, wooden decking and colourful picnic tables provide respite from the summer sun.

Light meals, drinks, barbeque rental and meat platters are available at the beach huts behind the main beach club. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as you sip a smoothie or try a cup of homemade red perilla juice- perfect to rid yourself of summer fatigue.

Visit the neighbouring campsite to make your stay last more than one day. The camping grounds are equipped with cooking areas, toilets and showers, along with pre-erected tents.

Wheelchair-friendly toilets and change rooms available.

Yattarou de Takashima Snorkelling tours
The friendly and experienced team at Yattarou de Takashima Snorkeling offer amazing snorkelling tours and equipment rental along with a personal guide who will guarantee that you get the absolute most out of your time exploring the depths.

The clear waters of Takashima make it easy to see all kinds of aquatic animals in their natural habitat. Highlights to look out for include; sharks, squid, tropical fish, all kinds of coral, and if you are lucky maybe you can even find Nemo!

Snorkelling tours are available throughout the summer, with waters at their clearest in September. Prices for wetsuit hire, snorkel, goggles, flippers and guide start at ¥3000 for adults and ¥2000 for elementary school students and below.

Tobishima Fishing Park
Want to catch yourself a bite to eat? The nearby Tobishima Fishing Park is full of fish to hook. Walk the bridge between Takashima and Tobishima to the large square building before venturing further toward the fishing platform. Don’t forget to pick up some bait and an icebox to keep your catch fresh. ¥500 entry for fishing adults, ¥250 for children (¥100 viewing only).
Booking nonessential.

Takashima Fureai Camp site
Visit the neighbouring campsite to make your stay last more than one day. There are spaces for bring-your-own tent, or stay in a raised tent equipped with bamboo flooring. The camping grounds are equipped with cooking areas, toilets and showers, along with barbeques for rent.

Nagasaki City
Fees Purchase a beach package (お得な海水浴パック) for a return ferry trip, bus and ¥350 voucher to use on the island. Tickets may be purchased from the Nagasaki Steamboat Counter (長崎汽船窓口) or the vending machines at Ohato Terminal.
¥2050 for adults (regular fare ¥2590)
¥1020 for elementary school children and below (regular fare ¥1270)

Showers ¥200
Parasol rental is free (a deposit of ¥500 is required)
Barbeque rental ¥250 (charcoal charged separately)

Yattarou de Takashima Snorkelling tours
¥3000 for adults
¥2000 for elementary school students and below
Prices for wetsuit hire, snorkel, goggles, flippers and guide start.

Takashima Fureai Camp Site
Sturdy pre-erected tents cost ¥1500/ per night while individual pitches cost ¥500/ per night.

Tobishima Fishing Park
¥500 entry for fishing adults, ¥250 for children (¥100 viewing only)
¥300 fishing rod rental
¥300 bait
Ice boxes available for purchase at the main entrance

Prices as of Summer 2016.
Access information Walk or take a streetcar from JR Nagasaki Station to the Ohato stop. Follow signs to Ohato Terminal (大波止港). From the terminal, take the Takashima (高島港) bound ferry. The ferry takes about 35min. Upon arrival, catch a red bus or walk 15min from the port to the beach.
Open hours Takashima beach is open to the public from 8:30am until 6pm from July 16 through to August 31 in 2016.


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  • Barrier-free* This mark represents a wheelchair friendly facility. Nagasaki is well known for its non-wheelchair friendly terrain, with many slopes and a lot of stairs. The use of cabs and other vehicles are highly recommended.