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Located at the southernmost tip of the Nagasaki peninsula, Wakimisaki beach stretches 2km along the Amakusa-Nada sea. A local windsurfing hotspot, the white sand and calm seas create the perfect conditions to enjoy an array of water sports.

At low tide, you can see beach rock, eroded by hundreds of years of pounding waves. This kind of rock, in the amounts seen in Wakimisaki, is extremely rare in Kyushu. The area has therefore been deemed a protected national monument by Nagasaki Prefecture.

On a clear day, Hashima Island, known as Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) can be seen from its shores. The sunset here is particularly spectacular, painting the sky with a beautiful array of colours. Ranked within the top 100 beaches in Japan, Wakimisaki beach provides a safe swimming environment and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Right by the bus stop, Community Cafe Ripple provides respite for all weary beach-goers. The cafe proudly serves dishes made with local Nomozaki produce. The fish curry is divine! With live events and art classes for adults, Ripple is surely a compulsory stop for any visit to Wakimisaki beach.

Community Cafe Ripple
Saved from ruin, this once rundown seaside shack has been transformed into a cozy cafe filled with eclectic trinkets and beautiful homemade decorations for sale. Sit back and enjoy a healthy tea and mouthwateringly delicious meal as you listen to the waves crash upon the shore. Sunset is a particularly special time to visit, with the expansive array of colors providing the perfect backdrop to your meal. You may even be able to spot some sea turtles nesting in the summer months. Community Cafe Ripple is a Nomozaki institution, connecting locals and tourists through delicious food, unforgettable performances and informative workshops.

Onsen Alega
Another great stopover when in the Nomozaki area is Onsen Alega and its conjoining restaurant. Warm, bicarbonate rich waters will leave your skin healthy and glowing. With calming views of the sea and surrounding vegetation, you can soak in a beautiful natural environment. Once you’re relaxed, why not call into the restaurant and take advantage of their seafood onsen meal set?

Nagasaki City
Fees Entry to the beach is free, however seats in the beach house incur the following charges:
¥1000 for adults
¥600 for senior high school students,
¥500 for junior high school students
¥400 for elementary school students
¥200 for infants
Heated showers cost ¥100/3min
Access information An approximately 60min bus ride from Nagasaki station. Take the Kabashima (樺島) bound JR Nagasaki bus and alight at Wakimisaki-kaisuikokujyomae (脇岬海水浴場前) stop.
Days Closed Weather dependent- swimming is prohibited during periods of high waves and typhoons.


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