Hirado Sea View Ranch


MOST POPULAR Hirado Sea View Ranch Ride along sandy white beaches in Hirado


Located on the stunning coast of Senrigahama Beach, Hirado Sea View Ranch offers patrons a variety of bilingual horse experiences. No matter your age or experience level, lessons are designed to allow maximum enjoyment with the stunning horses in a spectacular location. Come ride with the master trainer who worked on Kurosawa Akira’s famous Hollywood film ‘Ran’.

Sea View Ranch also plays host to technical skill riding examinations and school holiday camps. Whether you want just a lap around the ring, or a whole day galloping along the white sand, there is a course to suit everyone. Be sure to ring ahead to secure your place.

If you don’t want to ride, you can relax and take in the view from Sea View Ranch’s saloon-style restaurant. Looking out over the expansive coastline, they offer a range of delicious American-style meat dishes.

Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District
Fees Horsey experiences start from ¥600 and bookings are essential
Call 0950242388 for more information
Access information 8 min drive from Hirado Bridge
40 min from Saza Interchange
60 min from Sasebo City
1.5hrs from Fukuoka Airport


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