Site of Martyrdom at Arima


Site of Martyrdom at Arima Cruel execution watched by 20,000 Christians


Arima Naozumi, the 15th ruler of the domain, recanted his belief in Christianity and initiated the persecution of the Christians. In 1613, on the spacious beach in front of Hinoe Castle, he executed his Christian vassals and their families who had refused to recant. More than 20,000 Christians gathered and watched as the condemned were burned alive.
Despite Naozumi’s intention to set an example, the local Christians consolidated their religious belief, spurring the Shogunate to issue the Anti-Christian Edicts the following year. In 2007, the executed Christians were beatified and added to the list of 188 Blessed Japanese Martyrs.

Shimabara Peninsula (Unzen City & Shimabara City & Obama Town & Minami-Shimabara City)


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