Takahama Swimming Beach - Goto


Takahama Swimming Beach - Goto


Takahama beach boasts some of the whitest sand and clearest water in all of Japan. It is one of the best known beaches of the Goto Islands, attracting holidaymakers from all over the country.

The west-facing beach overlooks the Sagano Islands and has a wide sandbar that provides a calm shallow swimming area. Silver sand sparkles through clear water, the surrounding greenery completing the perfect coastal escape.

Named among Japan’s top 100 new tourist attractions, top 100 natural beaches and top 88 swimming beaches, Takahama beach is popular with locals and tourists alike. For a view of the beach in its entirety, head to Gyoran Kanon lookout where you can catch a glimpse of the brilliant shades of blue as they change and deepen throughout the day.

Goto Islands
Fees Beach access is free.

The charges for seats in the beach house are as follows-
¥500 for adults and ¥300 children 12 and under
Showers cost ¥200/3min
Coin lockers - ¥100

Prices as of Summer 2016.
Access information 41 min drive from Fukue port or Fukue airport.
Open hours 9:00-18:00 (summer holidays - dates vary)