Matsuura Historical Museum


Matsuura Historical Museum Discover the history of the Matsuura Daimyo Family


The Matsuura Historical Museum houses the impressive residence of the Matsuura clan, who ruled the island from the 11th to 19th century, and prospered through international trading. Inside the museum, you can dress up in samurai armor or a Japanese Kimono and enjoy the treasures of the Matsuura.

You can also enjoy an original warrior-style green tea and authentic sweets with its 400 years of tradition at a thatch-roofed tea ceremony house located at the side, in a very quiet natural setting, where you can only hear the songs of the birds and the bamboo.

On the other side of the museum, there is a café in a Japanese-style building, furnished with Western furniture.

Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District
Access information Catch the highway bus from the Nagasaki Eki-mae Bus Terminal to the Sasebo Bus Center.

From the Sasebo Bus Center, take the highway bus bound for Hirado Sanbashi (平戸桟橋)

Walk from Hirado Sanbashi to the Matsuura Historical Museum (approx 5 minutes)

Please note: The entire trip takes about approx. 3.5 hours (one way).