Sasebo and Hirado 2 Day Tour

Sasebo and Hirado 2 Day Tour
Spring Summer Autumn Winter Sasebo City & Saikai City Hirado City & Matsuura City & Kitamatuura District Escape from the present in this two day tour that takes you first into enchanting Sasebo, ending your day in a futuristic robot world, then ease back into the beauty of traditional Japan and learn about where it all began.

DAY 1:

Starting Point: Sasebo City

Buses run from Sasebo Station. Check out Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort's English page for more information. Alternatively, rent a car and enjoy the drive!

Kujuku-Shima (Ninety-Nine Islands)
Sasebo City & Saikai City 208 tiny islands are clustered together in this National Park. The sparkling ocean here contains treasures such as pearls and oysters. The evening view from Yumiharidake appeared in the movie “The Last Samurai” as an emblem of Japanese coastal beauty. At the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort, the focal point of the Ninety-Nine Islands adventure, you can take an excursion boat, rent a kayak, or visit the aquarium Umikirara to get a closer look at the amazing sea creatures populating the waters around the islands. VIEW MORE

Take a scenic boat tour through the islands of Kujukushima. There's plenty to do here with the Aquarium, Umi-kirara and the Zoological and Botanical Garden, Mori-kirara!


Delight in a Sasebo burger prepared specially for you. Brought to Sasebo by the US Naval Forces in 1950, the Sasebo burger is a scrumptious burger carefully crafted upon order! Get this at Kujukushima, or return to Sasebo City to get your fill!

Catch a train (JR Sea Side Liner for Nagasaki) and get off at Huis Ten Bosch! 

Huis Ten Bosch
Sasebo City & Saikai City Huis Ten Bosch is a residential-style resort built after a mediaeval 17th century Dutch town. Palace Huis Ten Bosch, built with special permission from the Dutch royal family, is a reproduction of the residence of Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands. In English, Huis Ten Bosch means “house in the forest.” And true to its name this residential-style resort has canals running throughout, and is surrounded by greenery, forests, amusements, shops, restaurants, five distinct hotels, a marina and residential area. It is also known for the Flower Kingdom, where flowers bloom throughout the year. The “Gardening World Cup” a competition between the top gardeners in the world, has won the 2013 Canadian and International Garden Tourism Award. Huis Ten Bosch also celebrates summer with the “World Firework Contest”. The “Winter Light Festival” has been ranked by Yahoo as the top illumination display in Japan for three consecutive years. Various types of entertainment are also available, from restaurants to spas, marine sports and shopping, offering visitors a number of ways to enjoy their stay. Furthermore, there are also plenty of attractions for families with young children include cruising on the pirate ship from the popular cartoon ‘One Piece’. Huis Ten Bosch is a resort theme park that has offered visitors enjoyment for three generations. Moreover, the “Next Generation Park”, an environmentally-advanced area based on the concept of sustainable systems, was opened in 2010. VIEW MORE

Huis Ten Bosch - Kingdom of Light
Sasebo City & Saikai City Illuminated installations made from over 13 million lightbulbs, the world's largest such display, with added entertainment. Huis Ten Bosch welcomes you to the Kingdom of Light - crowned as one of the three major illumination sites of Japan and No.1 in the National Illumination Ranking General Entertainmet Category for four consecutive years since 2013. Early November to Early May VIEW MORE

The Kingdom of Light boasts the world's grandest light display!

Henn na Hotel
Stay the night at the world's first robot hotel! 
Interact with robots.

DAY 2:

Hirado City

Venture further north to Hirado City - quaint, traditional houses line the streets of this port town overlooking the sea. Rent an electric bicycle from the information center (or follow the Hirado Olle ribbons - try this if you have the time!).

Kawachi toge Pass
Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District From the top of Kawachi-toge Pass one has a unique panoramic view. To the west are the northern Ninety-Nine Islands, to the north the beginning of the Genkai Sea and further away one can spot Iki Island and Tsushima Island. It is close to Hirado City and is a popular spot for hikers, tourists and locals alike. VIEW MORE

Cruise back down to the city with your electric bicycle!

Matsuura Historical Museum
Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District The Matsuura Historical Museum houses the impressive residence of the Matsuura clan, who ruled the island from the 11th to 19th century, and prospered through international trading. Inside the museum, you can dress up in samurai armor or a Japanese Kimono and enjoy the treasures of the Matsuura. You can also enjoy an original warrior-style green tea and authentic sweets with its 400 years of tradition at a thatch-roofed tea ceremony house located at the side, in a very quiet natural setting, where you can only hear the songs of the birds and the bamboo. On the other side of the museum, there is a café in a Japanese-style building, furnished with Western furniture. VIEW MORE

English information available! 

St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church - A View of a Christian Church and Japanese Temples
Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District Constructed in 1913 as the Hirado Catholic Church, it was relocated to its present site in 1931. The statue of St. Francis was erected in 1971 to to honour the missionary’s visit to Hirado in 1550, and the church later given its present name. An exotic view of a Japanese temples with this church from a street down to the town was described by the Lonly Planet as "one of the most photogenic vantage points in all of Kyushu." VIEW MORE

Best photo spot! Revel in this unique view of a church rising above traditional Japanese architecture. 

Hirado Dutch Trading Post
Hirado City, Matsuura City & Kitamatsuura District The Hirado Dutch Trading Post was located here from 1609 to 1641, when Hirado was the main international trading port of Japan. It included many different buildings but the 1639 warehouse is said to have been the first full-fledged western style building in Japan. This building has been carefully reconstructed and houses a museum that tells the international trading history of Hirado.The most unique exhibits include a Dutch suit of armor which was rearranged in Japanese style by a Samurai. VIEW MORE

Learn about Hirado's trading history - the origin of international trade in Japan.