I Love Nagasaki

I first visited this prefecture in 2011 while backpacking across the country. I stayed with families and in share houses rather than hostels and hotels. I met incredible people in all 18 prefectures I visited, but Nagasaki especially struck a chord on my heartstrings. I fell in love with everything from its internationally-inspired cuisine, the city’s tram cars, the spectacular combinations of ocean and mountain views, and a rare history that reveals itself in architecture and tales from elderly residents. Every prefecture is worth visiting, but Nagasaki is especially rich in potential for adventure.

Nagasaki has a year-long display of wildflowers and fruit-bearing trees. Its sub-tropical climate encourages large, colourful flowers to grow freely while allowing farmers to produce some of the world’s best green tea. Nagasaki’s incredibly long coastline provides ample opportunities for watersports and fishing, and its mountains lend their power to creating a handful of hot spring towns. Whether you’re looking to relax in an onsen, eat your way through a multicultural buffet, cruise along the ocean, or learn about a unique history about international relations, Nagasaki has all of this and more to offer.

There’s much more to Nagasaki than its main city. Nagasaki prefecture consists of nearly 600 islands, most of which are accessible via boat or plane. There are also 13 cities, and each one has its own hidden treasures from exotic animal petting zoos to well-maintained castles with gardens. Even in the countryside, you can find beautiful beaches and hiking trails. No matter where you go, you are sure to find adventure nearby. I hope that this site helps you have many unforgettable experiences in this wonderful prefecture.