Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association

Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association provides the following services to promote Nagasaki tourism in collaboration with Nagasaki Prefectural Government and the municipalities of Nagasaki, as well as companies and organizations in Nagasaki Prefecture. Through tourism promotion, the association is also able to contribute to the stimulation of the local economy in the following ways:

  • carrying out national and international publicity activities, in order to promote Nagasaki as an attractive tourist destination
  • supporting and inviting the media to publish articles about tourism resources in Nagasaki Prefecture
  • promoting and providing support to tour companies to help develop new inbound tours to Nagasaki
  • encouraging educational trips or school excursions that make use of tourism resources in Nagasaki Prefecture
  • facilitating incentive trips and conventions to be held in Nagasaki Prefecture
  • participating in local and overseas travel fairs and exhibitions
  • supplying free brochures to the travel industry
  • operating the Nagasaki Film Commission

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Address: 8th Floor, Hashimoto Shokai Bld., 14-10 Motofuna-machi, Nagasaki City
TEL: 095-826-9407 FAX: 095-824-3087 nagasaki@ngs-kenkanren.com