Handling of Personal Information

The collection, usage and administration of personal information on the English-language website of the Nagasaki Prefecture Convention & Tourism Association (hereafter NPCTA) will be handled by the NPCTA as follows, in accordance with personal information protection regulations.

What is personal information?

Information relating to an individual, such as address, name, telephone number, email address, etc. which identifies, or could be used to identify, the specific person concerned.

About collection of personal information

In cases where the NPCTA collects personal information via this site, we will make clear the purpose of collecting that information, and we will collect only as much information as is necessary to achieve that aim.

Regulations on usage of personal information

Personal information collected from users of this site will be strictly and appropriately managed, and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent leakage, misappropriation, loss, alteration, manipulation and so on.


Copyright and this site

In principle, the copyright of all content of this site is held by the NPCTA, regardless of utilization purpose. We will approve reproduction or similar acts, on the condition that the provided content is not altered, for the following purposes: private use; provision of information in order to contribute to the tourism economy of Nagasaki Prefecture; non-commercial usage. Before quoting, reproducing, reusing or reprinting data from this site, you must contact us to obtain permission.

Regarding authorized educational institutions

Please contact us directly with any enquires about copyright, or if you wish to quote, reproduce, reuse or reprint any data from this site. Questions about the handling of copyright itself should be directed to the NPCTA. Please be aware, however that the copyright of some contents of the site, including some text, photographs, illustrations and designs, is owned by third parties, and so in some cases our response to you may be delayed, or we may be unable to fulfill your request. Where copyright belongs to a third party, this is clearly indicated.


Although NPCTA has made every effort to ensure that the information displayed on this website is correct, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or safety of this information. Additionally, we cannot bear any responsibility for any damage, injury or loss suffered by an individual as a result of using the information displayed on this website. This website contains links to sites managed by parties other than the NPCTA. Please be aware that the NPCTA does not operate or administer such external websites, and so can bear no responsibility for their contents. Please be aware that the NPCTA cannot bear responsibility under any circumstances for damage, injury or loss incurred as a result of accessing this website. Lastly, please be aware that information displayed on this site is subject to change or deletion without warning.

Guidelines for Using Banners

The following regulations must be observed when using the NPCTA Web site link banners:

*Those wishing to use the banners should contact NPCTA at nagasaki@ngs-kenkanren.com

*The banner should be placed in a prominent position and should not be combined with any other images.

*An official NPCTA banner must only be used in a context expressing positive sentiments regarding the NPCTA. In any context expressing negative sentiments regarding NPCTA and its affiliated organizations, the banner may not be used and must be removed.